Latihan Soal ke-10

Welcome to your English Traning

01Rose : “We failed the contest. You’re not doing your share.”
Sara : “…….”
02Jim          : “You are very smart, but you
                    really need to improve your English.”
Sister B : “What do you mean?”

From the conversation above, Jim is trying
to express ….
03Situation : Your friend is presenting in front
of the class. He seems nervous and he doesn’t
speak clearly.

To criticize him, you may say the following,
except ….
04You : “Good afternoon, …….
Yesterday you delivered my
laundry to my house, but you
forgot my shirt.”
The person : “All right, could you fill out this
form? We will get back to you

The best expression to fill in the blank is ….
05Aria :“Mr.Parkman,can I bother
you with something?”
Mr.Parkman : “Certainly.”
Aria :“…. Do you know why the
government didn’t lower our
export taxes?”

To express curiousity the followings can replace
the blank, except ….
06Hurly :“Why do we have certain age to
be considered an adult?”
IIyas : “I don’t know. Let me think.”
Hurly :”….”

To talk about possibilities, the best expression
to fill the gap is ….
07Leon :“I wish I hadn’t forgotton to feed my
Maya : “I am sorry to hear that.”

Leon expresses….
08Sister A :“Did you wear my dress again ?
You must ask for permission
before you borrow things from
other people.”
Sister B : “I am sorry. I swear I will not do
that again.”

According to the conversation above, sister B
is ….
09Student : “I failed again. Oh I am not good at Math.”
Math Teacher : “Don’t give up. I was slow
when I first studied Mathematics.”

The teacher is ….
10Cynthia :”Can you help me to clean my room ?”
Daniel :”I can’t, sorry.”
Cynthia :”….”

Cynthia can say all the following to persuade
Daniel, except ….
11Adrian : “With any luck, I can move to Osaka
next year. ”

The underlined expression shows that
Adrian ….
12Son :”Finally, I understand Present Simple!”
Mother’s :”….”

To show the mother’s encouragement, she
13Joan regrets her past She could say all of the
followings, except ….
14If you want to make a prediction, you may
say ….
15Joan : “No doubt. She is at home.”
Kyle : “How do you know that?”
Joan : “Well, I just feel it.”
Based on the conversation above, Joan….

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